If you wish to transition to a more sustainable sales growth model explore the following services.

Authentic Selling Enterprise

Sales transformation

If you are a CEO or a VP of Sales this program will help you drive change by updating your B2B sales model and by helping your sales team to adhere to the new model while enhancing their sales capability and their customer engagement behaviour. It is an eight month change program designed to assist you to achieve sustainable growth in revenue while adapting to the significant changes that are occurring in your buying community. 

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Authentic Selling EDVANCE Training

Zoom peer group facilitation2Determined to enhance your selling capability? This program might be for you.

Join nine other B2B sales peers on an 8 month program to sustainably enhance your sales capability and help you move into the top 10% of B2B salespeople. 

Adapt your skills, capability and behaviour to enable you to more effectively and competitively take your prospective customer on a journey to a win-win outcome  This program provides great reinforcement for those who have read the sales novel 'The Wentworth Prospect'.

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Scenario based Sales Assessment


Scenario based sales assessments are a brilliant way to identify your  knowledge gaps, expose a lack of understanding or capability, or highlight an absence of confidence where you could could otherwise have great potential.

The EDVANCE Assessment program will assess B2B sales skills and capabilities utilising an advanced scenario based assessment methodology from Cognisco, It is used to identify personal development needs for an individual salesperson in order to plan their training and coaching. 

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Join the Book ClubBook club banner2 wide

Free for the readers of The Wentworth Prospect

A regular, free peer level meeting for B2B sales leaders and sales people who have read, or are reading the book. You can listen, share and discuss aspects of the book peer to peer and with the authors. A great way to learn. 

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