Past Events

Sales Leader Forums conduct a number of events each year for our members and guests.

These include :

  1. Sales Leader Accelerator Breakfasts - 5 events per year - members and guests
  2. Sales Leader Accelerate webinars
  3. Annual Summit July/August - members and guests
  4. Forum Meetings 6 per year for each forum - restricted to members only by forum

Sales Leader Accelerator Breakfasts

Accelerator Oct 2019 01

These are breakfast events designed to provide valuable insight and discussion, each on a specific sales leadership topic.

As a Sales Leaders you can gain valuable insight aimed to help you accelerate the sales and revenue of their organisation.

Past Events

February 2020:  "'How to build a culture of continuous sales improvement" - Keynote by Cian McLoughlin

In this 90 minute interactive workshop, Cian explored some of the key sales trends influencing customers buying decisions, plus many of the factors causing them to qualify suppliers out. Cian took a deep dive into a decade of Win/Loss data from the Trinity Perspectives archives. He also provided a framework for any sales business to extract meaningful Win/Loss data from your own customers and prospects.In the second half of the workshop, Cian demonstrated a 5 Step Methodology to create a culture of continuous improvement for ....    ......MORE


October 2019:  "'Building a high performance sales team" - Keynote by Tony Hughes

Accelerator Oct 2019 04 800x600Building high performance sales teams is essential for every business, and the role of sales management and leadership is one of the most difficult in the corporate world. The head of sales needs to be masterful and recruiting, coaching, motivating, driving and retaining salespeople while managing processes and systems, along with securing support of peers and executive leadership. Tony explored the critical success factors in sales leadership and framed table workshops where participants discussed. ....      ....MORE

December 2018

John Smibert – Selling via Positive Disruption – Why and How

Syd  Dec 4th:           Melb Dec 5th:

The sales leadership challenge:  

  • Buyers today are not interested in salespeople who talk about product features, functions or ‘benefits’ because that information is available online. Buyers don’t want salespeople to ask them what their problems are and then pitch ‘solutions’.
  • They DO need salespeople who will help them think through new ways of doing business that results in game-changing value to improve competitiveness, reduces costs, grows revenue, or manages significant risks.

In the modern era, if we are not disrupting thinking, then we are not effectively selling or creating value for our customer. Executive decision-makers need salespeople who positively reframe their thinking and consultatively help them explore how to de-risk their future and improve results. In essence to lead them to new ways of thinking and operating.      …read more here.


Access videos and slides from past forums here.

October 2018

Mike Adams – Seven stories every salesperson must tell 

Syd  Oct 9th:           Melb Oct 10th:

The sales leadership challenge:  

In this busy world it is a major challenge to get your message over to a customer.

How do you connect with your ideal client in a noisy crowded market place? This is the perennial challenge facing every business and every salesperson. Storytelling is a key to gaining and holding attention – but how?

Mike has written a best seller on this topic and he will share his gems with us – read more here

  …read more.

June 2018

Mark Pollard – Corporate Traveller –  Transformation Case Study                                Syd  June 5th:           Melb June 6th:

Mark Pollard

Mark Pollard and the team at Corporate Traveller are achieving truly amazing sales results. As Australia’s largest travel agency dedicated to small to medium businesses, they have built a positively engaged sales culture with best practice sales enablement.

Their results are inspiring:

  1. Original company growth sales target based on ramping from 65 salespeople to 85
  2. Deliberately chose to reduce the number of salespeople from a peak of 75 down to 55 and increased the investment in people, processes and technology to better enable the team and achieve the overall growth revenue target
  3. Achieving the company target with 25% less salespeople while adding in excess of $500k to the bottom line in cost savings
  4. Reduced sales staff churn (turnover) from 50% down to 20% while significantly increasing the percentage of successful salespeople

Mark will provide details on …….

  read more.

And there’s more …

Lock in 7.30 – 9.30 am on these future forum dates in your diary

  • Feb 2019        Syd   Tues 4th              Melb Wed 5th
  • Apr 2019       TBC

APRIL 2018

Ian Lowe –  How to grow your sales by unlocking the Power of Purpose                                Syd  Apr 12th:           Melb April 11th:

Ian Iowe

The sales leadership challenge:  

The average sales organisation is struggling to grow sales.

The number of salespeople achieving objectives has dropped below 50% (Research)

On the other hand sales are growing by an average 37% in purpose driven organisations – Research by The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor

There’s a lot of talk about ‘Purpose’ across the corporate world, and with good reason.

If the data can be believed, most salespeople are experiencing a distinct lack of …….

  read more.


Sue Barrett: Adapt or die – how to survive the coming sales massacre

                               Syd  Feb 6th:           Melb Feb 7th:

Sue Barrett

The sales leadership challenge:  

On 2nd January 2018 a Forbes article by Matthew Cook, CEO of Hubspot,  predicted that Artificial Intelligence would sweep down on the sales profession and eliminate millions of sales jobs.

This is just one of many predictions that sales in the 21st century is undergoing a seismic shift. Those sales leaders and sale people who can adapt to new times will prosper and thrive.

Those that don’t will die.

If you want to be among the survivors come and see Sue Barrett discuss how to evolve in a changing environment, identify new opportunities and remain sales fit in a rapidly changing world.

read more.




February 7th, 2017         Joanne Black presented: “How to secure a meeting in one call”

Joanne Black

The sales challenge:

The biggest sales challenge for sales leaders and their teams is ensuring a consistent stream of qualified leads and getting meetings with decision-makers. This presentation on referral selling addresses both of these challenges…more.

This seminar sold out two weeks in advance

April 4th, 2017         Tony Hughes presented: “Creating sales pipeline with combination prospecting strategies”

Tony Hughes

The sales challenge:

Salespeople and their companies are suffering lower productivity (and higher costs)  by reacting to the allure of the silent sales floor.

Digital sales strategies and the ear-tickling allure of ‘social selling’ have resulted in many sales people becoming busily ineffective and neglecting the phone.

more.                                   This seminar sold out two weeks in advance

June 6th, 2017         Graham Hawkins presented: “The future of B2B sales”

Graham Hawkins

The sales challenge:

Being successful in sales requires continuous innovation, as all products and services go through an accelerated life-cycle. In an era where buyer behaviour continues to evolve rapidly, sales organisations and their people must adapt to provide buyers with the experience that they now expect and demand.

Interruption push selling no longer works, and salespeople must be equipped with a range of new skills in order to become digitally driven, socially connected, mobile and highly specialised.

read more.                                  This seminar sold out 5 days in advance

August 9th, 2017         Cian McLoughlin presented: “Why EQ, Not IQ, Is The Key To Your Sales Success

Sydney Opera

The sales challenge:

‘Apples for apples’ is the expression many customers use when they struggle to differentiate between two very similar products or services. We love to think our unique features and benefits will wow our prospective customers, but more often than not, product and price are simply our ticket to the dance. As the needs of our customers evolve, as new competitors enter our market, it’s getting harder and harder to grow sales and revenue each year.

read more.                               This seminar sold out 2 weeks in advance

October 3rd, 2017         Steve Hall presented: “Selling to C suite executives ”

SteveHall 250 x 250

The sales challenge:

Everyone B2B salesperson needs to be able to sell at C Level – but few know how. The higher you call into a prospect the more successful your sales journey will be. But the higher you go, the greater the competition for an executive’s attention and time.

“C” level executives are guarded by their Executive Assistants, voice mail, silent numbers and other ways to ward off the unprepared sales person. How can you cut through the noise to secure that critical first meeting or conversation?

And when you do get that meeting, how do you prepare for it and make sure it’s a triumph and not a disaster?

read more.    This seminar sold out 5 weeks in advance

December 5th, 2017         Bernadette McClelland presented: The psychology and science of high performing salespersonBernadette headshot

The sales leadership challenge:

It is vital for sales people and sales leaders to understand the art AND science of the sales process to have a balanced approach to business.  It’s equally necessary to decipher what is key in supporting the overall sales effort as well as know what you need to do as a salesperson/leader to drive improved sales performance through your own sales process.

read more  This seminar sold out 1 week in advance


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