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Need resources to help you sell more effectively?

Ever wished you could find a wide range of B2B Sales Resources in one easy to access library?

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It's packed with articles, videos, keynote speeches, sales tools, templates, training materials, eBooks and eGuides.


Multi level peer membership for the B2B sales world

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Ever wanted to engage with your peers or access a wide range of sales and leadership resources?

Sales Leader Forums provide you with four levels of memberships for you to choose from: Resource Library, Accelerator Forums, and two leadership peer group models.

Simply explore to determine the level of membership that will provide you with the best value?

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Peer forums: Sales leadership support for those responsible for the sales number for their company.

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How do I sustainably grow our company sales and reduce my risk of failure?

An effective way may be to leverage a sales leader peer group.    LEARN MORE​


Leadership Through Change 

Being a sales director is hard enough at the best of times.

It's a high-pressure job. CEOs, boards and shareholders demand short term results. Salespeople require your guidance and coaching in strategy, processes, procedures, tactics, skills and more. Peers from other disciplines don’t fully understand the issues involved in sales.

And now we need to do it all remotely. Other Sales Leaders are grappling with the same problems as you and understand the issues you face.

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Advisory Board for Sales Leaders

Sales leaders need a sounding board for their challenges, issues and strategies. Where do they go to expose their weaknesses and get agenda free advice, coaching and mentoring.

Many join a peer group specifically for sales leaders. Why? The other members of such a peer group  become their mentors, coaches and sounding boards with no strings attached.

As one member says: “it’s like having your private advisory board”. 

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Benchmarking growth strategies

Nearly every company we talk to are striving to sustainably grow their sales and revenue.

Where do they get their ideas from?

One way is to learn about what others have done and the outcomes their strategies have achieved (or otherwise).

Some companies find the best way to do this is to compare notes with other companies who are not competitive and yet have a similar business construct.

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THE B2B Sales Novel

It’s part novel, part ‘how-to’, and it’s everything you need to know about selling to big business.WP upright web

The Wentworth Prospect takes a deep dive into the high-stakes world of strategic business-to-business selling. The story follows the fortunes of Sue Novak, a fledgling sales consultant, as she struggles to land the deal of her career. Her path to success is strewn with adversaries, corporate intrigue, power-plays and hidden agendas.

Sue feels out of her depth. But she has an edge: a mysterious journal written by her dead mentor. The journal reveals a radical new sales framework named EDVANCE. Can Sue apply its wisdom in a real-life scenario? Can it guide her to success with The Wentworth Prospect?

The Wentworth Prospect is far more than just a good story.

It’s everything you need to know about landing the big deal.


"The Wentworth Prospect’ is a compelling vision for B2B sales"  Tony Hughes,  Best-selling author, Sydney, Australia

"Every sales professional will both enjoy and learn from reading the Wentworth Project." David Brock, Author  and CEO, USA

"B2B sales mastery delivered in an ingenious, engaging and hugely entertaining way."  Owen Ashby, CEO, Milton Keynes, England

"Entertaining & educational - I would recommend!"      Alex McNaughten, CRO, Auckland

"The authors have broken the mould with this book."    Timothy Hughes, Author, London

"A wonderful fascinating story of real people, against great odds, going after the sale." Robert Terson, Author, "Selling fearlessly" USA

"It conveys the concept while entertaining in a captivating manner."  Derrick Baan, Author, Novelist, Brisbane

"An outstanding business book and a great novel."    Geoff Olds, CEO, and an Award Winning Entrepreneur & Author, Sydney

"I heartily recommend The Wentworth Project to anyone in sales who loves a good story."  Mike Adams, Author, Sydney



Your B2B Sales Library

Need resources to help you sell or manage more effectively?

Ever wished you could find a wide range of B2B sales Resources in one library?

Check out the library here

It's packed with articles, videos, keynote speeches, Tools, templates, training materials, eBooks and eGuides.​

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European Peer Group Chair Wanted

We have a number of new enquiries from sales leaders based in the UK, Europe and South Africa who are looking to join a peer group.

We need a Chair to facilitate this new on-line group. This is a valuable role that will be rewarded.

If interested read "Is a Forum Role for you?" and if the answer is "yes" please Contact Us


A Sales Leader Forum provides you with the opportunity to connect with your peers and create a support network of like-minded individuals to learn how they have dealt with the same challenges, issues and problems that you’re facing.



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