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How do I sustainably grow our company sales and reduce my risk of failure?

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Sales Leader can be a lonely role

Research shows that sales leaders often feel quite lonely in their role.

Being a Sales Leader is a high-pressure job. CEOs, boards and shareholders demand short term results. Salespeople require your guidance and coaching in strategy, processes, procedures, tactics, skills and more. Peers from other disciplines don’t fully understand the issues involved in sales.

Other Sales Leaders are grappling with the same problems as you and understand the issues you face.

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Advisory Board for Sales Leaders

Sales leaders need a sounding board for their challenges, issues and strategies. Where do they go to expose their weaknesses and get agenda free advice, coaching and mentoring.

Many join a peer group specifically for sales leaders. Why? The other members of such a peer group  become their mentors, coaches and sounding boards with no strings attached.

As one member says: “it’s like having your private advisory board”. 

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Benchmarking growth strategies

Nearly every company we talk to are striving to sustainably grow their sales and revenue.

Where do they get their ideas from?

One way is to learn about what others have done and the outcomes their strategies have achieved (or otherwise).

Some companies find the best way to do this is to compare notes with other companies who are not competitive and yet have a similar business construct.

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Social Selling (Part 1 of 6) - The definition of success

Social Selling (Part 1 of 6) - The definition of success

Ivi Mateo09 October 2019

There is considerable debate about the importance and effectiveness of 'Social' in business to business (B2B) sales activity. Many see it as a new fad - a diversion from our focus on real selling. Others have been quick to embrace it- some...

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Benchmarking your sales operation

Benchmarking your sales operation

John Smibert30 August 2019

Benchmarking your sales growth strategiesNearly every company wetalk to are striving to sustainably grow their sales and revenue.They are searching for ways in which they can improve the sales productivity, ways which are proven, low risk and will...

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B2B Sales Tips Taught by a One-eyed Motorcyclist

B2B Sales Tips Taught by a One-eyed Motorcyclist

John Smibert09 July 2019

There is no easy road to success in sales, particularly B2B sales. Success is built on a strong foundation and by adopting and developing the most appropriate technologies and methodologies to build on this foundation.

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