Scenario based Sales Capability Assessment

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Scenario based sales assessments are a brilliant way to identify your  knowledge gaps, expose a lack of understanding or capability, or highlight an absence of confidence where one could otherwise have great potential.

The EDVANCE Assessment program will assess B2B sales skills and capabilities utilising an advanced scenario based assessment methodology from Cognisco, It is used to identify personal development needs for individual salesperson in order to streamline their development. 

Your Personal Assessment

Are you striving to enhance your sales capability as the world of B2B sales changes?

Why not test how well you understand authentic B2B selling and how accurately, confidently and consistently you can apply it in “real world” scenarios?

This Scenario based Sales Capability Assessment is designed to help you deepen your knowledge of B2B selling and effective sales process. It will help you practice and build confidence in making the right decisions at each and every stage of the buying journey and your sales process.

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How does it work?

The assessment presents you with a series of scenarios that reflect real-life sales situations and asks you to make some decisions about what you should do next.

You’ll be presented with a number of options and possible responses to each scenario and your job is read and evaluate each response in turn.

Once you’ve decided that you think that a particular response is either correct or incorrect, mark it as such and then say how confident you are that you’re right.

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Be careful…this is not a multiple-choice test!

Don’t think this is about picking (or guessing!) the right answer and moving on.

More than one, if not all of the responses, could be correct (or incorrect), so you’ll need to read them and consider them carefully.

The purpose of this style of assessment is to help you understand the range of equally valid options that might open to addressing the same situation and to give you practice in applying that knowledge.

And, while we’re not looking to catch you out, you may well find some “plausible but wrong” options are presented. These are the kinds of things that “look right” but are actually incorrect. These are exactly the kind of things that happen in the real world. In a real deal making a wrong decision could be catastrophic that’s why you can practice here and be more confident when you’re putting the tools and practices into place in the day job!

What’s the “Confidence” bit all about?

You might be surprised to learn that on average 30% of any group of people are “unconsciously incompetent” – that means that while they are absolutely sure they’re doing the right thing…in fact they’re wrong. You can probably think of people you’ve come across like that too. If you've read the sales novel, The Wentworth Prospect, you may even recognise at least one character in who falls into that category!

So being confident and correct is really important. Being correct or not so confident is something we can help you work on too!

What will I get at the end of the assessment?

Once you’ve worked through all the scenarios you’ll be given access to an online report which will compare how well you’ve understood each topic with how confident you were in your answers.

You’ll be able to see where you’re really strong and perhaps some areas where you could benefit from brushing up your knowledge, re-reading that part of the book or clicking the link to learning more from our supporting website.

It’s all linked up!

The sales novel The Wentworth Prospect,, the assessment and web based learning content are all interlinked it’s all about giving you an easy and comprehensive understanding of the EDVANCE process.

And, if you’d like to learn more, the Authentic Selling course is designed to help you do exactly that.

NOTE: If you read the sales novel 'The Wentworth Prospect' you will obtain a FREE assessment.

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SALES MANAGERS: Sales Capability Assessments for your Team

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This scenario based sales assessment is designed to help individuals understand their strengths abd weaknesses in their sales capability by helping them assess their knowledge in “real world” scenarios.

Applying this (or one of our bespoke or more advanced assessments) across your sales team will instantly show you who in your team is “good to go” and where others have areas they’ve not fully understood or could do with more help.

The assessment system generates team level reports give you a clear and accurate picture of your sales organisation and if and where you need to invest in developing individuals or teams.

Unlike “easy to guess” multiple choice tests, the Scenario-based Situational Judgement assessments are designed to really uncover judgement, decision making and (most importantly) confidence.

Of course, you want your team to be confident in all aspects of the sales process and in dealing with prospects and customers.

However, we know that on average up to 30% of any team of people are overconfident in their capability. Of course, if you’re overconfident the chances are you’re going to miss the cues and insights from your prospect, you’re likely to make assumptions that can lead to losing the deal and you’re unlikely to look for help or guidance when you probably need it most.

Get in touch for more information or a demonstration of how our assessment(s) could help you and your team succeed this year.