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Authentic Selling with EDVANCE

Sales Capability Development Program

Authentic Selling ImageAuthentic Selling with EDVANCE’ is an experiential B2B sales development program for sales professionals conducted over eight months.

The program focuses on developing the capability to be more customer centric and less product centric - to create value with your customer – to assist the customer to buy rather than pushing product. Such behaviour can lead to substantial and sustainable increase in sales.

It builds on the relationships that traditional salespeople have. It helps them to develop their peer to peer conversation skills in order to have more effective engagement with their customer executives. It will help them leverage their domain expertise, their insight and their product knowledge in order to better develop peer relationships with decision makers and challenge the status quo thus becoming a true partner to their customers. This is an ideal program for any product selling or solutions selling environment. 


  1. Two Part Program

Authentic Selling with EDVANCE is a 2 part sales skills and capability development program for individuals conducted over 8 months. 

1. Training Program - Ten Sessions/Eight Months

This training program is designed to lift the individual's sales capabilities and to enhance familiarity with, and the use of, sales process and methods. It is conducted in ten two hour sessions over 6 to 8 months.

Training schedules are available for attendance at public courses for interested individuals. 

Authentic Selling is even more valuable when specifically adapted for your organisation so taking the concepts back to your organisation is likely to enhance your standing.

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2. Reinforcement Program - Eight Modules

The issue with traditional training is that attendees forget most of what they learn unless it is practised and reinforced on the job. It is vital that the application of skills becomes habitual.

The EDVANCE reinforcement program is a fully documented program that the participant works through between training sessions. It is designed to ensure salespeople are challenged to put what they have learnt into practice so that it becomes habitual.

It is suggested that a manager or coach be seconded to mentor the the participant through each reinforcement module.

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Participants will develop skills and reinforce capability through experience in order to:

  1. Improve sales productivity and success
  2. Generate business with new customers 
  3. Improve retention and revenue growth with existing customers
  4. Consistently generate value by applying good sales process, methods and principles and behaviour

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of the sales development program the attendees will:

  • Understand the true meaning of sales - how not to "sell" - how to assist your customers to buy!
  • Understand how to manage the sales process and align with the buying process
  • Be familiar with selling methods and skills required at each stage of the sale
  • Know how to prospect for new opportunities via multiple mediums
  • Know how to research and discover to achieve insight in order to create value
  • Understand how to develop and present a winning customer focussed value proposition
  • Learn how to authenticate and validate the proposal
  • Learn how to identify the decision-making role and influence of the individual buyers
  • Learn how to adapt to various buyer behaviours.
  • Understand how decisions are made and how to assist the customer make a decision
  • Know how to negotiate, handle objections and close effectively
  • Develop these learnings into  habitual practices via a controlled reinforcement program







  • Sales – What is it? History? What have we learnt?
  • Values, ethics and traits for success
  • Self-Analysis
  • Behaviour Styles
  • Selling Process and Buying Process
  • Call planning


  • Five Success Ingredients
  • The Buyer Powerbase
  • Stakeholder Archetype Reference Guide
  • Understanding Buyer Behaviour
  • Behavioural Model
  • Behaviour Selling Guide


(Prospecting, generating sales opportunities)

  • Prospecting generating sales opportunities
  • Planning
  • Identifying triggers
  • Customer focussed mindset
  • Social Selling basics
  • First Impressions – body language

DISCOVER - Current State

(Uncovering customer needs,  wants, challenges, problems)Gap model Horizontal

  • Researching, interviewing, assessing, qualifying
  • How to conduct a discovery conversation
  • Problem/Solution development - Gap Analysis
  • Sales Call planning and management

DISCOVER & DISRUPT - Desired State

(Developing the customer solution)

  • How to take the customer on a thinking journey
  • The power of storytelling
  • Moving mindset from product features and benefits to customer value


(Helping the customer expose Value)

  • Conducting the Value conversation
  • Features, Benefits versus Value
  • Feedback questions
  • Handling questions
  • Preparing a winning proposal


(Validating your sales claims)

  • What to validate
  • Building trust
  • Leveraging references
  • Demonstrating value
  • Price, cost and value
  • How to validate


(Problems and Objections)

  • Types of objections
  • Planning negotiation
  • Understanding the underlying concerns
  • How to respond


(Closing the order - gaining commitment)

  • Timing
  • Planning the close
  • Closing ethics
  • Closing techniques


(Planning and managing your sales territory)

  • Prioritising activity
  • Time planning and time management
  • Managing your sales pipeline





    Eight reinforcement sessions will be conducted with the participants. 

    Each session will reinforce what was learnt in the training program. 

    The reinforcement program will require the salesperson to: 

    1.    Refresh on the skills by reading materials, view videos, listen to audios, 
    2.    To practice in the field what he/she learnt in training, 
    3.    To document their experience and to share it with their mentor and/or the group prior to the next training session.

    Session One:        Success Preparation

    Session Two:        Engage

    Session Three:    Discovery - Gaining insight

    Session Four:        Value Proposition

    Session Five:        Authentication - validating your claims

    Session Six:        Negotiating Agreement

    Session Seven:    Gaining Commitment

    Session Eight:     Celebrating Success

    These programs will be run via teleconference facilities.  

    All tools used in the training program will be available on-line. 

    The students will be encouraged to present them in digital form during the reinforcement program.




    Everybody learns via different medium. For that reason this program provides a wide range of learning activities and materials:

    • An easy to read B2B sales novel, 'The Wentworth Prospect', a page turner that clearly shows why, and how to sell effectively.
    • A pre and post assessment program to identify learning and capability needsAuthentic Selling Guide Image
    • Ten training modules each a 2 hour instructed session conducted every 3 weeks on Zoom
    • Regular live webinars conducted for past and present participants
    • A 250 page participant's guide comprising instruction and learning and individual exercises
    • Case studies used for role plays
    • Ten detailed reinforcement sessions that each participant works through with their mentor between each training session. It is designed to assist the participant to consolidate what they have learnt and adapt their sales behaviour 
    • A coaches guide to help mentors and sales managers coach the participants through Authentic Selling  reinforcement program
    • Eight videos (15 to 20 minute each) that reinforce the training.
    • A library or 300 short, subject specific videos that reinforce the contentArchitype cards fanned small
    • Many sales tools including a Call Plan, a Discovery framework, a Discovery question guide
    •  Archetype Cards: Salespeople must gain an understanding of the Power-base in the prospective customer's organisation in order to engage effectively, to assist them progress through their buying journey and to gain consensus. The Archetype Cards will assist with this.


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