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Sales Presentation Template

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Sales Presentation Template (PPT) for B2B sales

Use this template to help you design a logical, clear and concise sales solution presentation from start to finish.

It includes:

  1. A guide to firstly strategising your thinking
  2. A recommended structure
  3. Section 1: The Introduction
    • How to start with the client
    • How to paint a vision
    • Set the agenda
    • The possibilities
  4. Section 2: The Body
    • Align their business strategy and vision to your solution strategy
    • Provide Proof
    • Your team and sponsors
    • The What - Solution
    • The How
  5.  Section 3: The Conclusion
    • How to energise your  audience
    • Summarise body
    • How to properly wrap up
    • How to leave them wanting more

Bottom line is that it will help you prepare a potentially winning presentation

This document is provided by Relatable IT and was produced by expert sales writer, Edith Crnkovich


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