What is a Sales Leader Peer Forum?

Business as usual, almost - NOTICE RE CHANGES DUE TO COVID-19 

During the Coronavirus crisis, we will be facilitating Peer Group Forum meetings on-line. See details here

The value of Peer Group Forums during Coronavirus restrictions is high

The ability for you to collaborate with other trusted, non competing sales directors; to share, challenge and hold each other accountable during Coronavirus restrictions is of immense value.
As you read the page below understand that Peer Group Forum meetings are currently facilitated on-line. See details here

Sales Leader Peer Groups (to recommence after COVID-19)

Being a Sales Leader is a high-pressure and often lonely job. CEOs, boards and shareholders demand short-term results. Salespeople require your guidance and coaching in strategy, processes, procedures, tactics, skills and more. Peers from other disciplines don’t fully understand the issues involved in sales.

Other Sales Leaders are grappling with the same problems as you and understand the issues you face.

Sales Leader Forums bring together 10 to 14 Sales Leaders from similar yet non-competing companies who collaborate to learn from each other and to help each other with solutions to issues in their sales operation. A peer group that shares its experiences, discusses what has and hasn’t worked, offers support and guidance, helps broaden your perspective and develop your sales.

             Membership Inclusions
             Member Value
             Leveraging Peer Value

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Your private advisory board

The other members of your specific peer group will become your mentors, coaches and sounding boards with no strings attached. As one member says: “it’s like having your private advisory board”. The most successful peer groups hold each other accountable ensuring each member grows and flourishes in their company role.

You choose your group

What non-competitive companies do you most highly respect in your region? Your opportunity is to develop a valued peer-working relationship with the sales leaders of some of these companies. Members can nominate who they want sitting around the table with them and we will work to bring your group together.

Avoid Sales Leadership Loneliness

Sales Leaders are often somewhat lonely in their role. With whom can you share your challenges and concerns? Who can give you new ideas and tell you what has and hasn’t worked? Your company peers? The CFO, COO, CMO and other executives don’t truly understand sales. Obviously, it is not healthy to share your thoughts with your sales teams. And you don’t want to share your concerns and challenges with your CEO until you have a clear idea about how you want to address them.

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You are accountable for leading a sales organisation and want to lead your team to win, grow and keep profitable customer relationships. You are the primary leader responsible for achieving your company or division’s revenue objective.

Your Peer Group Forum will focus on helping you and all members to become a more effective sales leader. You will work collaboratively with the other members to solve problems, improve your team’s sales productivity, and grow your market share.

The titles of Peer Group Forum members include, but are not limited to: Vice President of Sales, Director of Sales, Sales/Business Development Director and the like.


  • Forums consist of 10 to 14 matched members

  • Meets 6 per year at dates and times to be decided by the Forum group members, but typically bi-monthly and avoiding ‘end of quarter’

  • Is facilitated by an accredited Peer Group Forum Chair

  • Annual 1-day multi-forum Summit

  • Access to periodic guest keynote speaking events

  • Access to member-only content

  • Regular coaching sessions with your Peer Group Forum Chair

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Your membership in a Sales Leadership Forum will provide you with a peer group that you help select. Your peers will understand and empathise with you, will challenge your thinking, introduce new ideas, workshop your issues and hold you accountable. The value is that you will accelerate your career growth, drive more sustainable business for your company and grow a valuable network of like-minded sales leaders.

Membership Inclusions

  • Being matched to a group dynamic with relatable business models

  • A commitment to actively participate in your Forum

  • Access to direct coaching (provided by your Forum Chair) and professional resources

  • Registration at the annual peer groups Summit

  • Professional networking with hundreds of other member companies and personnel

  • Executive education workshops - multi-forum meetings with a guest presenter

Member Value

  • Opportunity to work ON your business and not IN your business on a periodic basis

  • Accelerate your career / protect your position / grow your career

  • Accelerate your impact in your company

  • Leverage your group to solve your challenges

  • Become a more effective leader and enhance your skills and capabilities

  • Enhance your sales management skills

  • Fellowship, networking and peer support

  • Improve your team and employee performance

  • Learn and implement best practices and tools

  • Achieve your team sales growth targets

  • Get re-motivated and energised

  • Become a better sales leader and increase sales performance 

  • Invest in yourself to enjoy more success, wealth, and fulfilment

  • Learn to be more accountable - Being held accountable by your peers

Register your interest here:                               More questions?

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  • Return enormous value to your company by leveraging what becomes your personal sales ‘brains trust’ (think tank)

  • Accelerated sales and revenue

  • Improve sustainability and culture of the sales team

  • Building and retaining reliable revenue engine

  • Leverage best practices and benchmark against other organisations

  • More innovative and lower risk of failed strategies

  • More effective problem resolution

  • More effective contribution to, and interfacing with the Executive Team

  • More sustainable sales and revenue growth

  • Further develop your Sales Leadership capability

  • Quickly build the experience of new Sales Leaders

  • Develop your Sales Leader's effectiveness and accountability

  • Expose your Sales Leaders to new ideas and methods tested by others 

  • Improved team performance

  • Increase sales effectiveness and efficiency

Leverage peer knowledge, energy and accountability

  • Learn through experiential and shared learning with your peers and benchmark against them

  • Participate in the creation, implementation, and sharing of insight and strategy

  • Identify what you could do differently in your business

  • Implement new ideas, strategies, solutions, and outcomes

  • Share and test strategic ideas/methods etc with your peers

  • Discuss and further develop your skills in disciplines like recruiting, hiring, developing, managing, and coaching your team to be more successful and accountable

  • Share in sales management best practices used by non-competing peers, and further develop your sales leadership skills

  • Get help in tackling real-time issues and make better decisions

  • Help fellow members tackle real-time issues and make better decisions

  • Uncover and discover ideas that have already been implemented by others

  • Regularly interact with partners that elevate and stretch you and your business and hold you accountable

Interested in becoming a Forum Member? CONTACT US or CLICK HERE to complete your expression of interest for Membership

Register your interest here:                               More questions?

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European Peer Group Chair Wanted

We have a number of new enquiries from sales leaders based in the UK, Europe and South Africa who are looking to join a peer group.

We need a Chair to facilitate this new on-line group. This is a valuable role that will be rewarded.

If interested read "Is a Forum Role for you?" and if the answer is "yes" please Contact Us


A Sales Leader Forum provides you with the opportunity to connect with your peers and create a support network of like-minded individuals to learn how they have dealt with the same challenges, issues and problems that you’re facing.



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