Authentic Selling Participant's Guide - Module One

Authentic Selling Participant's Guide - Module One

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The 'Authentic Selling' program is designed to modify sales team behaviour in order to sustainably grow sales and revenue.

The full program includes the implementation of a sales process, sales management coaching training, sales management guide, sales training and an ongoing reinforcement program.

One component of the program is sales training. This document is the participant's guide for the first of eight training modules. This first module covers:

  • The importance of a sales culture and your part in it
  • How sales is changing
  • The evolution of sales
  • How salespeople add value and differentiate the customer's experience
  • Principles of Authentic Selling
  • Characteristics of top salespeople
  • The five ingredients of success
  • Sales process: What is it and why it's important?
  • Buyer behaviour and how to adapt to different buyer behaviours (DISC)

The remaining modules include:

  • Engagement (prospecting)
  • Discovery
  • Value
  • Authenticate the opportunity
  • Negotiation
  • Commitment
  • Territory and time management

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