TALKING SALES 13: "Passion over Process" - Dan Symons

John Smibert

passion3 Minute interview by John Smibert.

In this interview Dan Symons emphasizes:

"....... what distinguishes good, successful long term sales is the passion a salesperson has to assist the customer's business and improve their position".

He claims that passion is as important as [private] sales process - that process is aimless without passion for the customer.  He also provides some suggestions on how to develop and sustain passion for achieving outcomes for the customer.

Dan Symons is a business development professional, an author and a sales mentor.

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Interview Transcript:

John:               Welcome back! I'm delighted to have with me Dan Symons. Dan's a business development professional, an author and a mentor in sales.

Dan:                 Yes I am, John.

John:               I love some of your writing, Dan!

Dan:                 Thank you, John!

John:               I've read one thing where you talk about "passion over process".

Dan:                 Yep.

John:               Now, I talk a lot about the sales process, and I think it's really important, but that really struck me. Tell me what you mean by "passion over process".

Dan:                 Yeah. What I'm effectively saying, I believe the sales process is incredibly important, but what distinguishes good, successful, long-term sales boils down to the passion a salesperson has to turn around and assist a business and improve their position.

John:               Assist the business - [01:00] you're talking about the customer's business.

Dan:                 Yes.

John:               Oh, okay. That's where I talk about an absolute commitment to creating value for your customer - same sort of thing.

Dan:                 Yeah, very much. My understanding is that sales isn't about the outcome you achieve as a salesperson, it's very much about driving yourself and your passion around what that sale does to improve your customer's position.

John:               And you get the reciprocal value coming to you anyway. If you're going to create value for your customer it's going to come back to you.

Dan:                 Undeniably. If you're improving a client's position then you as a salesperson are going to achieve the right results at the back of that, and your employer is going to be happy about it, but ultimately you've got a happy customer.

John:               I like that phrase, "passion over process". I think process is important, but you've got the passion over the top of the process. Is that pretty much what you're saying?

Dan:                 Very much so. It's "why you sell" that's important.

John:               "Why you sell".

Dan:                 Yep.

John:               Okay, I'm with you now. So, how do you make sure when you're coaching people and talking to people that they understand that and develop that passion?

Dan:                 To me it's about all stages throughout the sales process having a clear line of sight to what you're doing to make a difference to your customer, what you're doing to improve their position, and ultimately always having a clear line of sight to the client outcome in the sales process.

John:               Couldn't put it any better myself - that's great! So, have the passion, or get out of selling as far as I'm concerned. The passion for the customer, and the customer's going to love you.

Dan:                 Very much so.

John:               Thank you very much, Dan!

Dan:                 You're most welcome!

John:               I look forward to talking to you next time!

Dan:                 Thank you!


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