FAQ for Forum Chairs

How do I apply?

There will be an online application process here however in the meantime please contact us or call John Smibert on +61 404 857 893 or Wayne Moloney on +61 409 908 204 (NOTE: Application form to be added to the web site). If you meet the criteria we will conduct at least 2 interviews with you and then check out your references. Once selected you will be required to sign the Forum Chairs Contract following which you will start the accreditation and on-boarding processes.


What training and coaching will I receive?

As part of accreditation you will be trained and coached in how to establish, manage and facilitate a Sales Leadership Forum. This will include a one day workshop, workshop role plays and live facilitation with an existing forum under supervision.


Where are the meetings held?

Boardroom based groups: The members of your Forum have the option of selecting a regular meeting location or alternatively the members can rotate hosting the bi-monthly meetings. In the latter the host for that month will have the meeting at their business location; preferably a boardroom or a separate, private area. This often includes a tour and this is also the time that the host is doing their presentation to the group. The host is responsible for supplying food and refreshment of their choosing, as well as Internet access when possible. Most  groups prefers a single location they use monthly.

On-line groups will use Zoom or an equivalent video conference tool and a whiteboard such as Mural


How long will members sustain membership?

The groups will be on going. The members will periodically change and new members will be brought in, upon group approval. Their tenure in the group is most likely based on their ongoing perceived value. It is also, of course, based on adhering to the rules of the group. If they feel they are not getting what they need from the group any longer, they will be free to leave at any time with a month’s notice.


What is the meeting agenda?

Boardroom based group meetings are normally scheduled for 4.5 hours bi-monthly. The first two hours comprise a round table discussion with each member having up to 10 minutes to share issues, challenges or successes and welcoming feedback.  In the second half of the meeting the team will workshop 2 or 3 key issues, each presented by a member. The forum Chair will select the member issues after liaising with each member prior to the meeting. The purpose is to enable a member, who is struggling with an issue, to leverage the collective experience of the group to identify options and develop the best path forward on that issue.   If there is a common issue amongst many of the Group members, the Group will have the option of inviting an expert from the forum speakers bureau to talk with them on the subject and facilitate a workshop. This would take the place of the key issue agenda item.

On-line groups are normally run for 2 hours per session monthly. The agenda is essentially the same except that each meeting addresses a round table with half the members followed by a workshop where one key issue is addressed.


Who hosts a meeting?

The Chair facilitates the meeting.

For each meeting of physical board room groups, a member will be nominated as host on a rotational basis.  Prior to the meeting, the host and Forum Chair will liaise to confirm the location, number of attendees, both members and guests. This will help with food, seating and handout requirements. The host then personally welcomes arriving members, speaker (if applicable) and any guests.

The following information will give the Host more specifics as to what’s expected when hosting:

  • Facility requirements: The room could be a company boardroom or training room or in a hotel/golf club/private club (within agreed budget) or any civic organisation which offers quality surroundings. The room must be private, and needs to be large enough for all of the members, chair and perhaps some guests. Whenever possible, the room should be set up with a single board table or a u-shape so all members are facing each other. You will require an easel and flip-chart paper. Internet access is welcomed and appreciated.

  • Food and beverages:

    • Ice water and glasses (or bottled water) should be set up at the table and available for each person throughout the session.

    • One of breakfast, lunch or supper may be provided at the cost of the Sales Leader Forums organisation, up to an agreed cost per attendee - the Forum Chair to advise the fee. If a Breakfast include Juice, coffee, tea. Breakfast items could include bagels, pastries, muffins, fruit, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt and cereal bars etc. – depending on what you like and how much you want to spend.

On-line group meetings do not require a host other than the Chair.


How can I talk to someone to find out more information?

If you meet the criteria for a Group Chair we would be delighted to speak to you and discuss the opportunity of developing and managing a Forum group of your own. Call John Smibert on +61 404 857 893 or Wayne Moloney on +61 409 908 204

Alternatively complete the 'Contact us' form on this web site.

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European Peer Group Chair Wanted

We have a number of new enquiries from sales leaders based in the UK, Europe and South Africa who are looking to join a peer group.

We need a Chair to facilitate this new on-line group. This is a valuable role that will be rewarded.

If interested read "Is a Forum Role for you?" and if the answer is "yes" please Contact Us


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