It's time to make peace, not war, on talent

March 25th, 2022

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Sharing unique approaches to source top talent

On the recruitment platform there are currently more than 25,000 Business Development Roles being advertised. Over 13,000 of these roles have an advertised salary’s above $100k. The game has changed for B2B sales companies looking to find, hire, develop and retain talent….the market has never been hotter and the competition has never been fiercer. What strategies should we deploy to source top talent?

When:    March 25, 2022 (24th in Europe and USA)
Breakfast Participants, Wesley Centre, Pitt St, Sydney: March 25th, 8:00 to 10:00 am (AEDT)
Streaming Participants               
  • Australia:  March 25th 8:30 to 10:00 am (AEDT)
  • USA:         March 24th - 4:30 pm EST & 1:30 pm PT
  • EUROPE: March 24th 11:00 pm BST


Sales Leader Accelerator Panel Mar 2022

The Q&A panel comprise these leading practitioners and thinkers in recruiting high performance salespeople::

  • Cian McLoughlin - CEO, Trinity Perspectives and best selling author
  • Brigid Archibald - Managing Director APJ for Qualtrics
  • Alex Opacic - Founder at Athlete2Business
  • Lawrence Mills - GM Sales & Professional Services, Canon Business Services ANZ


In this Sales Mastermind panel discussion, we’ll explore the challenges that B2B sales leaders are experiencing finding talent, plus the changing expectations of sales professionals in how they select a new employer. We’ll also look at some of the new talent pools that are emerging and how B2B companies are getting creative in their search for talent. As head-hunter Adam Nichols noted on Linkedin recently, when explaining which companies are finding it easy to hire at the moment:

  • It's NOT the ones with a stead-fast salary bracket they absolutely will not deviate from.
  • It's NOT the ones who think 'working from home' 1 day a fortnight is a benefit.
  • It's NOT the ones who take a week to get back to applicants.
  • It's NOT the ones who have 5 interview stages and need you to be licked by the office dog before they make you an offer.
  • It's NOT the ones who just repost the same job advert repeatedly for 3 months in the hope the perfect person is going to walk out of the sea and apply.
  • It's NOT the ones who are super closed off to anyone coming in from another sector.
  • It's NOT the ones who pay what the market rate was then they last hired the same talent 3 years ago.
  • It's NOT the ones who will ask for an hour long presentation at final stage.

The Game has changed. Join us to learn the new rules for 2022 and beyond.

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Cian McLoughlin

Cian McLaughlin1994   Head shot

Cian is a SaaS Start-up Founder, CEO of a consulting services business and a best selling author.

He was listed as a Top 100 LinkedIn Sales Voice 2021 and a Top 50 Sales Keynote Speaker 2020. He is an award winning blogger. 

He is renowned for what he does to helping Sales Leaders unlock uhe value of Win/Loss Customer Insights.

Brigid Archibald

Brigid ArchibaldBrigid Archibald is the Managing Director APJ for Qualtrics, an SAP Company. As head of the Qualtrics business in ANZ Brigid is focused on driving customer and partner success, business growth, and leading the creation of the Experience Management category. With a track record of accelerating sales performance across multiple industries, she is passionate about the impact of differentiated customer, employee, product and brand experiences. Company website:


Alex Opacic

Alex opacic 02

Alex has a background as an athlete and a salesperson. Along his journey met many other athletes who had learned to transfer their high performing habits from sport and were high achieving, high performing business professionals. He also noticed "the athlete transition" was still a massive problem.

This is how Athlete2Business was born -Alex connects ex-pro athletes who are high performing business professionals with companies who can utilise their unique skills and experiences. He also help athletes transition into a post-sport career by coaching them on how to utilise their skills & experiences from sport to gain a competitive advantage in the business world.

4th Panelist

Lawrence mills

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