Sales Leader Accelerator Aug 2020

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Debating how to sell in a more client centric way!


Take part in a lively online Q&A forum where you can ask questions of our panel of  successful B2B sales leaders. All have recently implemented change to a more client-centric selling model delivering strong sales and revenue.

When:      Australia: Aug 18th

About this Event

Business is certainly different now.

We face more formidable challenges than we have seen in more than 75 years. Three things are hitting us all at once:

  1. A contracting economy due to COVID,
  2. A move away from globalisation that is negatively impacting international trade,
  3. A significant change in the way buyers buy due to easy access to information, technology and peer advice.

Nobody can promise to make it easier - yet some have shown how they are facing the changes head on and getting results.

One way that is proving constructive is to implement more client centricity in the way we sell. Where buyers are buying, they are buying from vendors who are demonstrably more customer centric in the way they sell than others. 

We have invited 3 sales leaders, who have achieved a high level of client centric selling, to share their story and debate the best approach with each other.

This will be a challenging Q&A event where you the participants can fire questions at the panellists.

Come and join us next week and put these 3 to the test with your questions.

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The Q&A panel will will be hosted by John Smibert, Director Sales Leader Forums and will include:

  • Basil Botoulas: Vice President Global Revenue Operations, Hitachi Vantara

  • John Bedwany: CEO, The Database Dept.

  • Ursula Dauenhauer: CEO, Business Backstage and currently Go To Market Strategy Lead, Thinxtra




Basil Botoulas

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Basil Botoulas is the Vice President Global Revenue Operations for Hitachi Vantara. He is a sales leader with an outstanding record in innovatively driving business change that leads to sales growth. Basil is a thought leader in his field, deploying a pioneering mindset, and using the latest tools, data and insights, he has built our digital selling process and platforms that drive realisable revenue and profit generating organisational outcomes.

Further insight on Basil can be found at LinkedIn here.


John Bedwany

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With more than 35 years of strategy, marketing and sales experience across 30 countries John has devoted his business life to creating the “future of selling”. He has written the book on Authentic Relationship Management (ARM), his methodology that takes potential customers from asking “who are youyou’re my trusted advisor”.

As CEO of the Database Dept. his understanding of business strategies, his success at sales and marketing and his consistent achievement of superior results have made him a sought after advisor to senior executives in some of the world’s best known organisations.

His extensive martial arts training and teaching over 38 years also gives John the intricate knowledge of the human spirit which he applies to his business life consistently.

John can be found on LinkedIn here and on his website here


Ursula Dauenhauer

Ursula Profile Image

Ursula is the founder of Business Backstage Pty Ltd, a sales consulting practise helping leaders of  B2B businesses to scale sales through a bespoke Sales Operations Framework. She is also GM Go-To-Market for Thinxta, The IoT Telco. A change agent combining creative problem solving with focus on execution.

Ursula can be found at LinkedIn, at her website and at Thinxtra

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