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What is the Resource Centre and why?

The new Sales Leader Forum (SLF) membership site provides members with a ‘Resource Library’. This provides an opportunity for content providers like you to leverage your content to generate leads and/or sales revenue with no cost to you.

Our revenue model is membership based with 4 levels of membership. At the basic level we provide access to the 'Resource Library' only for a fee of AUD$60 per annum. The other 3 levels get access to the resource library in addition to other offerings.

So, your content, in our library, will make membership more attractive. That's our benefit. 

What's in it for you?

Your value derives from sales leads and potentially revenue from sales we make of your content. That said, our primary objective for pricing items is not to generate sales revenue, but to encourage visitors to sign up as a member.

So in summary:

There is no cost to you.

The value to you is potentially:

  1. Leads generated through exposure to your content via a click on your ‘call to action’ in your content

  2. We provide you with contact details of anybody who downloads your content and agrees to us providing it.

  3. 70% of the sale price of any item sold.

Content Provision

We encourage you to provide us with downloadable only content that would be of value for sales leaders and/or salespeople and marketers.The types of content that we are particularly interested in are eBooks, eGuides, Tools and Templates - all  relevant to B2B sales and marketing for leaders and their teams.

See detail on how to supply content on the next page

Lead generation

All content you provide for the ‘Resource Centre’ should provide value in it’s own right and have a very clear call to action which takes the interested party directly to you. We will not require it to pass through our hands and there is no fee for such a lead.

Pricing your content

Each item can be priced for non members and then we can provide a discount applicable for members. We suggest in most cases the items be provided free to members. We want to encourage non members to sign up so when they see most items are priced to them, yet free for members, it will be an incentive to sign up. However you can ask us to apply a less than 100% discount for members if you would prefer.

The System

We are using a membership based eCommerce system to provide content

You can see some of the system via the links below (Note: these pages are not yet  publicly available so please don't share them until we go live):

  • Membership

  • Resource Library   (Select 'Tools and templates' and then click through to any item to see how they may be promoted and supplied).


How to provide content


Contact us with the subject Content Provision stating that you agree with the terms  of the Content Provision Agreement.


List each item by name and Provide links to your content store or your website where we can download it.


Provide an answer to these questions for each item:

  1. Name of content (short product name)

  2. A link to where we can find and download the item

  3. Provide a product image - square 400x400 or larger is preferred
  4. A short 30 character description 

  5. Keyword tags that we will include in the website metadata for SEO

  6. Promotional description for us to include in our website - a short paragraph or 2 that promotes the value of the item for the member

  7. Recommended retail price (if you don’t provide a price we will determine it)

    • Even if you provide it free on your website we add a price because we want to encourage guests to sign up as members via a members discount

  8. A discount that you agree we can apply for our members - our preference is 100% for any item that you currently give away because we want to encourage our members to download items so you get the exposure and possible sales lead.

  9. Other items associated with this item - when they add this item to the basket we will let them know about relevant associated items

Content Provision Agreement


This is an agreement between:


Sales Leader Forums (SLF) 




Content provider (Supplier)


The agreement is applicable whenever the Supplier has provided content to SLF and SLF has made the Content available through the SLF Membership Resource Library which is accessible via the SLF website (



  • SLF means Sales Leader Forums

  • SLF Website means the website residing at

  • Resource Library or Membership Resource Library means the repository of Content available to SLF Members on the SLF Website

  • Member means a person who has registered as a member of the SLF Membership System which resides on the SLF Website

  • Membership System - the system that resides on the SLF Website that manages membership, list content (products), administers on-line sales of content to guests and members, and enables download of the content after purchase

  • Content means the items being provided to SLF for placement in the Resource Library

  • Content Provider and/or Supplier means the business or individual providing Content to SLF for placement in the Membership Resource Library

  • EFT means Electronic Funds Transfer

  • IP means the intellectual property within the Content provided to SLF

  • Price means the retail sales price of the Content on the SLF Website


Supplier agrees to the following:

  • That the ‘Supplier’ has 100% ownership of the IP in the Content provided, or, has documented license from the IP owner to provide it to SLF.

  • The Supplier may provide a price for the item of content.

  • If the Supplier does not provide a retail price for an item of content, the Supplier  agrees SLF can independently determine a price.

  • The Supplier may provide a discount to be provided to SLF Members. If no discount is provided SLF may determine the discount to Members as anything up to 100%


SLF agrees to the following:

  • Ownership of the IP for the Content remains solely with the Supplier, or the documented owner of the IP provided by the Supplier

  • SLF agrees to remove an item from the ‘Resource Library’ within 2 working days should the Supplier request it be removed

  • SLF reserves the right not to list an item of content at its sole discretion

  • SLF agrees to list approved items of Content in the most appropriate Category in the Resource Library

  • SLF will provide the Supplier a quarterly report of sales made through the Resource Library

  • SLF will pay 70% of the sale price of any content sold via the Membership System

  • SLF will pay the Supplier via EFT for sales on a quarterly basis provided the amount payable at quarter end is AUD20.00 or more. Anything less than $20 will be carried over until the next quarter.

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